Amazing Facts Sabbath School

Worthy Is the Lamb

"The central issue in the great controversy between God and Satan is about who has the right to rule. True worship recounts and celebrates God’s mighty acts of Creation and Redemption."

Jesus’ Messages to the Seven Churches

"There are Christians who always talk in glorious terms of their past faithfulness to Christ. Unfortunately, these same Christians do not have much to share about their present experience with Christ. Their religion is nominal, lacking the true religion of the heart and genuine commitment to the gospel."

Among the Lampstands

"The same Jesus who came to John with the words of hope and encouragement in the midst of his hardship on Patmos still is present with His people to sustain and support them in their difficult situations."

The Gospel from Patmos

"The primary purpose of biblical prophecies is to assure us that no matter what the future brings, God is in control. Consequently, Revelation’s prophecies have two practical purposes: to teach us how to live today and to prepare us for the future."